Specimen Collection & Handling

Proper specimen collection is crucial to ensure the accuracy of test results. For a detailed guide on the appropriate methods for the collection of all types of specimen, please view the Specimen Collection & Handling section of the Quest Service Catalouge. The instructions contained therein are clear and easy to follow.

Request forms must include the following information:

  1. Full name of patient
  2. Patient’s identification number (NRIC/passport no.)
  3. Date of birth
  4. Sex
  5. Source of specimen (if not blood)
  6. Initial/signature of requesting doctor
  7. Date and time of collection
  8. Name of the patient’s attending doctor/consultant
  9. Other relevant information, e.g. I.V. drugs administered

On the request form, please indicate clearly what test(s) is/are required so that specimen(s) can be processed promptly.

Specimen Collection Containers

Appropriate Use Of Vacutainer Tubes

Cap Colour Tube Type Laboratory Use 
Light Blue Sodium Citrate, 3.2% (fill sample up to the mark) Coagulation Test
Red Clot Activator, Plain Lipid, HIV, Virology, Antibody Identification, Cold Agglutinin
Gold Clot Activator, Plain with GEL SST II Biochemical, Virology, Immunology, Protein Electrophoresis
Royal Blue (Plain) Trace Element with Clot Activator Aluminium, Copper, Selenium, Zinc
Green Lithium Heparin Troponin T, Stat K
Royal Blue (EDTA) Trace Element K2-EDTA Arsenic, Cadmium, Lead, Manganese, Mercury
Lavender K2-EDTA FBC, HBA1C, Direct Antiglobulin, Antibody Identification, Hb Electrophoresis
Grey Fluoride Glucose, GTT, Lactate
QuantiFERON®-TB Gold Plus
(set of 4 tubes)
TB PCR. To order collection containers (set of 4) at least 3 working days in advance Send within same day. Charges apply for rejected samples for wrong collection procedures or mislabelling.

Appropriate Use of Containers & Supplies

Description  Type  Laboratory Use 
Blood Culture Bottle A set of green and orange cap BacT/ALERT blood culture bottles (send bottles in pairs)  Aerobic & anaeorbic blood culture 
Capillary Tubes Heparinised tube (collect 2-3 tubes) For neonatal billirubin test
Charcoal Swab Amies transport medium with charcoal (formulated to maintain microorganisms viability) For GC and N Gorrhoeae culture
Culture Swab Blue cap swap gel medium Bacterial culture, NSU and mycoplasma cultures. Also suitable for aerobic & anaerobic organisms
Dry Swab Red cap sterile cotton tip (without gel medium) For Herpes PCR, Chlamydia Trachomatis, Gonococcol PCR
Formalin 10% 500ml plastic bottle For fixation of histology specimen
Glucose Drink 75mg glocose drink For Glucose Tolerance Test
Pap Smear Kit Slide holder with a glass slide and wooden spatula
(write patient's name on frosted end of slide in pencil)
Conventional pap smear
Pap Smear Cytospray 200ml cytospray bottle (use for up to 200 slides) For fixation of smears
Pap ThinPrep Vial Thin Prep Collection Vial with cytobrush Liquid based cytology PAP test
Urine Container (50ml) Sterile plastic container with screw cap For analysis of urine, body fluid, sputum, culture, skin scrapping, fungi, etc.
Urine Container (5L, 24hr) White container with screw cap For 24hr urine collecton analysis.
Stool Container Non-sterile container with attached spatula and screw cap Stool examinations and culture
Syringes & Needles Disposable & individually sealed syringes & needles.
Syringes: 5, 10 & 20ml Needles: 21G & 22G
Blood collection and transfer blood into vacutainer tubes
Vacutainer needle Individually sealed disposable needle (100/box – Green 21G, Black 22G) 2G Blood draw facilitated by vacutainer holder
Vacutainer holder Yellow plastic collection holder Fix vacutainer needle to holder to collect blood using vacutainer tubes

Specimen Collection Hotline:
6277-0221 / 6277-0222