Healthy Work-Life Balance 

We value our employees and this is reflected in the human resource policies we have developed over the years so as to create an environment conducive to the promotion of good health. We continuously seek to forge greater interaction and stronger bonds among employees through team building activities.  

Training & Development

Quest is a learning organisation and we have continually sought to maintain this by promoting the right mindset among employees. We learn not only from past challenges, but also from previous successes. Individuals at Quest are given the tools to perform their jobs creatively and with distinction. Regular CMEs along with relevant in-house and external training programmes are offered to all Quest staff members to boost their competencies and realise their potential.

Work with Us!

 Our employees are the heart and brain of our company. We are delighted and proud to offer a work culture that is compassionate, vibrant, and committed to excellence. We promote a work ethos that empowers each staff member to contribute to the success of Quest and in making a difference to the health of our patients. The corporate policies that we have along with the employee activities that we organize all reflect the importance we place on a balanced work-life; we believe that doing so will enhance the prosperity and growth of Quest and all who work with us!

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