Prepare for a lab test



There is no special preparation required for majority of the tests.  Your health care professional will inform you of any specific requirements for your test, for example if you need to fast prior to the test.

The information below is provided to assist patients to prepare for fasting tests sample collection.  Correct collection of specimens ensures that your results can be provided quickly and accurately.


Fasting Tests Patient Instructions

For accurate results you need to fast for at least 10 hours and not more than 16 hours before your blood test.

Fasting includes:

  •  No eating
  •  No drinking except plain water
  •  No smoking
  •  No coffee or tea (even without milk or sugar), no fruit juice, no milk, no lemonade, no alcohol, no flavoured or carbonated water
  • It is good to drink 2-3 glasses of plain water while you are fasting so you do not become dehydrated.
  • You should continue to take your medications unless your doctor has advised not to.

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