Our Laboratories


Quest Laboratories has been providing pathology services to the Singapore community since 1995 and is the first private medical laboratory to attain SINGLAS ISO15189 accreditation in Singapore.

Our Main Laboratory at Starhub Green has been designed to achieve optimum efficiency.  The laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, supported by the largest Siemens Labcell® and Workcell® Systems in the region to manage high volume specimen processing.


From the moment a test tube is placed onto the automated specimen track, the Siemens LabCell®/WorkCell® and Sample Manager precisely recognise which analyser to direct the specimen to and automatically route it to subsequent analysers for optimal efficiency.  This reduces the number of steps required to sort, process and archive specimens.


Quest has invested in a Sysmex Haematology Sample Tracking (HST) line that manages thousands of blood specimens daily with minimal human intervention.  The automated HST line mitigates the occurrence of potential human error, improves safety and processing speed while increases the accuracy of test results. The flexible design of the HST line also allows for unlimited expansion as capacity or technology advances.

Quest has also invested in robust information technology systems with high throughput and redundant capacity to ensure system uptime and scalable to cater to our customers’ needs.

Main Lab @ Starhub Green
Satelite Lab @ The Paragon

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