3gAllergy Testing

An allergy is an abnormal reaction to a normally harmless substance found in the environment.  If you are allergic to any allergens, your body would produce IgE antibody in response to the foreign substance and your body would release chemicals that causes specific allergy symptoms.  Symptoms may generally include:

-  Urticaria like hives & rashes
-  Atopic dermatitis like eczema & rhinitis
-  Anaphylaxis like breathing difficulties, eye, throat & lip inflammation and conjunctivitis.

Allergies are not limited to any specific group, geographical locations or gender.

Detecting/Managing allergies can now be easily available through 3gAllergy™ testing.

Total IgE can be used as a first level screening test for allergy.  If a patient is suspected to have food or inhalant allergies, clinicians can order our new allergy panels with specific allergens testing.

With effect from 1 Apr 2014, we are delighted to add the following 6 new food allergens to our Allergy test menu.

  • Buckwheat (F11)
  • Almond (F20)
  • Strawberry (F44)
  • Mango (F91)
  • Honey (F247)
  • Yam (F97)

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